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Intuitive Investigations

When you need to collect information or deliver legal documents, working with the right consultants is often the difference between success and failure.

We have your needs covered.

IPI Debt Mediation

Resolve outstanding disputed accounts by addressing the cause of the debt not just the symptoms.


Best Practice Credit and Business Advisory Service

We create tailored credit recovery plans based on individual circumstances, to get more effective results.

We Get Your Assets Back

Our field visit and asset recovery services are focused towards achieving the ideal result - payment.

We have your investigation, mediation and asset recovery needs covered


IPI Group acquired NZ Repossession Services to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of collection and intelligence services.

Our combined experience in these areas means that we can handle the asset recovery process with consistency from start to finish, with no need to bring in multiple agents to get the job done.

We look after vehicle finance companies, financial institutions, lawyers, insurance companies and a range of other businesses that need help resolving difficult situations.

If you need a trustworthy and competent team of intuitive investigators, then we are the right fit for you. Contact us today for a confidential no-obligation chat.

"IPI Asset recoveries agents have gone above and beyond the call of duty when recovering our vehicles. From our experience, IPI always acts in the best interest of their clients. We look forward to their updates during an asset recovery because the excitement with which they relay the information is better than watching Operation Repo on the Discovery Channel. We would not hesitate to recommend IPI Asset Recoveries Services to anyone, but we would prefer to keep their services to ourselves as they are the best asset recovery agents we have ever used!!"
- KW Motors
"We were faced with the difficult task of recovering five 6 tonne helicopters, the task was legally challenging and beyond what we would have been able to achieve ourselves. After researching online we contacted IPI Asset Recoveries of Tauranga who agreed to do the job and on short notice. During the recovery they were extremely professional, kept us updated and the job went smoothly. We would strongly recommend this company and would have no hesitation in using them again."
- M & S Ford
"We recently used IPI Investigations to locate three missing beneficiaries in an estate that we were administering. The beneficiaries had all moved since the client made his last will almost 20 years ago and in one case they had also married and changed their name. IPI were professional, helpful and responsive. Most importantly they located all the parties very promptly having received instructions from us late on a Thursday and replying with full contact details including email addresses and mobile numbers by close of business the following Monday."
- J.M. Branch Manager

Every situation is unique, and there are often a range of ways to resolve problems that arise. Contact us today for a confidential chat about how we can help you.

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