Commercial Eviction Support in the Bay of Plenty & Waikato Regions
IPI provides a range of services to commercial landlords, letting agents and legal advisors in the commercial letting industry. Whether the goal is to remedy the relationship or to terminate it amicably and legally reducing the risk of post eviction fallout.

Commercial Eviction Support

A good relationship between a commercial tenant and the property is always the best scenario, but what do you do when that is not the case and you need to move forward?

IPI Asset Recoveries provides a range of services to commercial landlords, letting agents and legal advisors in the commercial letting industry. Whether the goal is to remedy the relationship, or to terminate it amicably and legally without post eviction fallout.

By using trained and licensed agents experienced in conflict resolution, de-escalation and commercial evictions we have been able to bring closure to issues that have been outstanding for months or even years. We understand the process and legal devices of commercial evictions and have a wide network of consultants, advisors and subject matter experts to assist with more unusual situations such as animal welfare, drug contamination and hazardous chemical containment.

Commercial evictions are conducted as per the property law act 2007 and each step must be completed carefully to ensure compliance. To engage with IPI for commercial evictions, proof will be requested that these steps have been followed. If you have a commercial lawyer working through these steps, IPI can assist them and become involved from the first PLA notice all the way to final lock up and service of trespass notices (if required).

For a no obligation chat about your situation please give us a call on 0800 HELP IPI or email info(at)

Below is a recent review of our commercial eviction service:

"I am a landlord of a commercial property in Tauranga. I have never had a problem tenant before but had a real doozie of one earlier this year. I had 15 months of late payments of rent and OPEX with this company from the very outset, with the tenant company going into arrears for $23,000. Despite numerous contact points from myself and my lawyer, they steadfastly remained in arrears, and eventually resulted in my having to issue Property Law Act (PLA) notices on the tenant for failure to pay rent and OPEX. I used IPI to serve the notices and, unfortunately, despite the timeframes specified in the PLA notices, the tenant remained in arrears. I was left with no other option but to use IPI to re-enter and terminate the lease on my behalf. I am extremely grateful to both my lawyers (Sharp Tudhope) and to IPI for their kind assistance during an extremely stressful time. Karl and Nick from IPI handled the whole matter professionally. They went above and beyond including monitoring the tenant before re-entry, arranging for the tenant to leave with their personnel records, disconnecting their cameras, changing the locks and having the alarm code changed. When it came to the tenant removing their property and leaving my building, IPI also supervised the tenant exiting my building to safeguard it from damage. IPI insisted that the tenant arrange for an electrician with a current practising certificate to disconnect the three phase power (if they had not, the building would potentially have been uninsured) and also applied a robust padlock to the roller door. They did so in a considerate and respectful way to both the tenant as well as my other tenants. The tenant attempted to leave behind a considerable amount of rubbish and, again, IPI continued to follow up with the tenant who, in typical fashion, had to be "persuaded" over several contact points and communication from IPI to even do that. I am extremely grateful to Karl and Nick and would not hesitate to use them again - although I sincerely hope that I never (ever) experience a tenant quite like this one!"
- Tauranga Commercial Landlord